Phase III – Overview

Phase III Sections:

Transportation equity has been an important consideration for transportation and planning agencies since it first materialized as a requirement under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, there is some question as to whether it has been as fully integrated in the planning and decision-making process as it was originally intended.

Morgan State University on Behalf John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, PIIN, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Center For Neighborhood Technology and Virginia Tech submits this pre-application proposal seeks funding assistance to help develop and disseminate an Environmental Justice in Transportation (EJT) Toolkit. This Toolkit would have a dual audience. For transportation and planning agencies charged with addressing equity concerns in relation to Title VI, it would serve as comprehensive planning guide, offering assistance in effective methods to analyze and evaluate key transportation equity concerns. For disadvantaged communities and their advocates it would also serve as an educational device, helping them to better understand and take part in the transportation planning and decision-making process.

A a number of recent studies and reports address “pieces” of this Toolkit, our conclusion following extensive research is that no one of these current sources delivers the type of practical, systematic, and multi-user guidance that is contemplated by this project.

These patterns in planning and funding that especially affect minority and low-income communities are not likely to change overnight, it is reasonable to hope that bringing light to these processes, increasing the presence of the community, and improving the quality of tools and analyses can begin to induce tangible progress.

Several factors appear to be responsible for this continuing pattern of planning and decision-making — particularly in transportation, but not exclusively so — that limit the opportunities of the disadvantaged to exercise their right to live in a clean, safe community, to earn an income, and to enjoy a respectable quality of life.