Kirk Avenue

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The Midway Community is one in which residential and industrial uses collide. The Kirk Avenue bus yard has been a point of contention between the surrounding community and the MTA for some time. The primary complaint has to do with noise and emissions impacts from operations at the yard on the Community. The bus lot sits in a traditional setting between industrial land to the north and east, and residential neighborhoods that seem to have somewhat receded over time on the west and south. What is not clear is the extent to which the operations at the Kirk Avenue have directly caused the decline of the neighborhood.

The Kirk Avenue facility lies south of East 25th Street and the main northeast corridor railroad line out of Penn Station. The areas immediately north (Bonaparte Avenue) and east (Kirk Avenue) of the bus yard support light industrial uses, including buildings (from fair to good condition), their parking lots, and some empty land with trash. Something of an anomaly, the portions of Bonaparte Avenue immediately east of the bus yard is a relatively attractive residential street, though for a couple blocks it is only a ribbon of houses – surrounded on either side by industrial activities or empty lots. It is not until Bonaparte reaches its intersection with Garret Avenue that the residential development fans out into more of a neighborhood. South and west of the bus yard are the remains of some older residential neighborhoods. The area to the west, along Homewood Avenue, consists primarily of empty lots and abandonment in what was apparently once an established neighborhood, particularly in the first half to two-thirds of a western portion of the bus yard, affording the area to the west a bit of topographic separation for the bus lot (thought it is not clear whether it is sufficient to buffer any of the noise or backs of these small row houses (in various states of repair) separated by from the bus yard by an alley. Partially buffering these houses from the yard is a welding/fabrication company warehouse located on the southwestern quadrant of the bus lot block but unrelated to MTA and the bus yard. Of the 4 regional bus yards Kirk Avenue is the only one separated from homes by just an alley.

The Kirk Avenue Division, 226 Kirk Avenue, is separated from homes by the alley behind Bartlett Avenue.

  • The Eastern Division, 201 Oldham Street, is separated from homes by Oldham Street.

  • The Bush Division, 1515 Washington Blvd, is separated form homes by Bush Street plus about 110 ft. of commercial/industrial property.

  • Northern Parkway and Powder Mill Park separate the Northwest Division, 4501 Mount Hope Drive from homes.

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