Proximity Analysis

Maps can be powerful tools both for professional analysts as well as for laymen and community members. We have included several examples used in our work in Baltimore to show a wide range of map types and geographic scales that can be relevant while conducting an EJ analysis.

  1. The location and operation of a bus depot in an older, inner-city, working-class neighborhood along Kirk Avenue.
  2. A history of public transit service changes (mostly reductions), and poor service delivery in a predominately African American, low-income community known as Cherry Hill.
  3. Reaction to changes in transit service at Lexington Market in central Baltimore, an historic shopping destination frequented by lower-income residents from surrounding communities.
  4. The concerns of communities living along the U.S. Route 40 Corridor through West Baltimore regarding plans for a proposed Red Line and efforts to create transit-oriented development around an existing commuter rail station. Highway to Nowhere
  5. The projected changes in demographics between 2000 and 2030 along the I-95 Corridor.