Public Participation

As defined in the BREJTP toolkit public outreach is defined as a continued and sustained dialog for establishing working relationships, defining short and long term common ground solutions.

Does the Kirk Ave Environmental Assessment honestly address the community needs that were identified by the residents in the Homewood community. Tell us what you think.

2 thoughts on “Public Participation

  1. I recently reviewed the EJ analysis section of the Kirk Modernization Plan Environmental Assessment. I have to say that I am quite disappointed in the lack of effort or concern reflected in the analysis. In fact, it does not actually qualify as an analysis. As a reader of the document (and this section in particular) I learn very little about how the construction and operation of the facility will impact the surrounding population. More importantly, this is an African American neighborhood that will be the location of potentially environmentally harmful land use. The most telling statement that provides evidence that there is an EJ problem is the following:

    “A comparative analysis of a similar project to that of the Kirk Modernization Plan but in a non-minority community was not completed as part of this documentation. This is based on the fact that MTA has not historically modernized an existing bus facility that includes demolition of the existing bus facility and acquisition of additional property for expansion in a non-minority community.”

    This type of project has never happened in a “non-minority community”. This sounds to me like an environmental injustice is occurring and should not be ignored by the neighborhood.

    Perhaps a more thorough and conscientious analysis could prove otherwise?

  2. Makes you wonder if the MTA legal thinks EJ is a joke or just something that they don’t have to take serious.

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