BaltiMorphosis – Analyzing Plans for the Franklin Mulberry Corridor

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Franklin Mulberry Corridor - Present and Future

Franklin Mulberry Corridor - Present and Future is a cool site analyzing various plans and options for the redevelopment of the 16 block Franklin-Mulberry expressway in Baltimore.

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Once upon a time, In a proud American city, there was a neighborhood with a traffic problem. Doorsteps were barely an arms length from the traffic flooding downtown. The city came up with a plan. A freeway would be built. Traffic jams would go away…the corridor would mitigate disruption, homes and businesses would have to be cleared and land values would rise people would seem closer to their jobs. Recreation and shopping would improve. New development would sprout up…or so the city said. But something went wrong. Really wrong.P eople moved away in droves. Highway construction was abandoned before it was finished, leaving a section cut off from other highways. Most of those who left never returned. The once vibrant spirit of the area was lost form the collective memory. Today block after block languish in decay. When will the wound be healed?

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